Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Victorian Scraps

                 Victorian Scraps from The Victorian Sticker Postcard Book,
                 Collection of Elke Dröscher, © 1982, Harenberg Kommunikation,
                 Dortmund, West Germany, © 1985, English text Copyright,
                 Running Press Book Publishers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Victorian scraps, those charming embossed die-cut images of animals, fruit,
flowers, children, Santas, and Valentine hearts have been inspiring crafters
since the 19th-century, are still being produced today.

Scraps come in sheets connected by tabs where one can find the name of the
firm producing them, and the country of origin, often Germany or England.

When cut out individually, scraps can be put into books devoted to collections
of them (scrapbooks, if you will), or incorporated into handmade greeting cards,
or used in découpage decorating.

Here is an excellent website called Victorian Scrap Papers that displays hundreds
of these precious images, and provides links to even more.

They can't help but inspire.  Happy scrapbooking!                                                                       

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