Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meubles de Jardin

                  Manufacture Française d'armes et de cycles de Saint-Etienne,
                  Tentes, parasols, guérites, c. 1900, advertising from their catalog.

                  Postcard printed in France, copyright 1995, Editions de Désastre,
                  Mise en couleurs Patrice Monnerie.

Manufacture Française D'Armes et Cycles de Saint-Etienne opened in that city
in the 1880s as purveyors of sporting goods.  They were the first mail order
company in France, and distributed large catalogs annually.  There were also
retail outlets throughout France and the colonies that sold things such as bicycles,
hunting rifles, fishing rods, and meubles de jardin.  The company now goes by
the name of Manufrance.

These charming vintage versions of our present-day cabanas remind us that
summer has arrived!  Here is an article from New Jersey Savvy Living
Magazine about the popularity of cabanas that have been appearing on the
New Jersey Shore in ever-increasing numbers.


Happy Summer!   -Pat

I just found an example of some cabana-esque lounge chairs on a Florida
postcard from 2001. This card features the work of photographer Bill Bonebrake.

                   Copyright 1995, Bill Bonebrake, Just a Moment in Time Publishing

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