Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bendel Girl

        Postcard to advertise a special sale for those with birthdays in April, 2011.

        "...because all the best gifts come in brown and white boxes."

Advertising postcards have been in use since the 1870s.  The idea of sending
postcards to promote a business or product is a wise marketing tool.  And don't
we love to pin up a postcard from our favorite store on our bulletin boards?


In 1895, Henri Bendel, a milliner by trade, opened his flagship store in a
then-residential neighborhood on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  Bendels
has been keeping women looking their best ever since.

Bendel introduced many "firsts" to the burgeoning fashion scene in early-20th
century New York.  He imported the designs of a young Coco Chanel, he
organized the first fashion show, and started a line of signature fragrances.

Famous for their hats, Bendels was immortalized in the Cole Porter song,
"You're the Top",  from the 1934 Broadway musical, Anything Goes.  "You're
a Bendel bonnet" is among the list of things synonymous with the best of the best.

For your listening pleasure, I have included a "postcard folio" of sorts, that
gives you a visual guide to the lyrics of the song, courtesy of Bob Toomey on
YouTube.  Thanks Bob!

                       Cole Porter - You're the Top - A Visual Guide


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